v     What is a Home Energy Tune-uP?

A Home Energy Tune-uP provides a comprehensive analysis and report on the overall energy efficiency of the home along with recommendations on how to improve the home's efficiency.


v     Why Should I Have a Home Energy Tune-uP?

A Tune-uP will help you put your home in top operating condition, and:

1) Make your home more comfortable – warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

2) Reduce your energy costs by an average of 25%

3) Increase the value of your home

4) Improve the environment


v     What Does a Home Energy Tune-uP Provide?

1)      Information on which improvements are best for your home-based on an inspection by Total Home Inspection’s Certified Home Energy Tune-uP Inspector (Phil Rubenstein)

2)      Investment grade saving and cost estimates for each improvement – calculated with the Tune-uP software.

3)      Assistance in finding contractors and suppliers – a contractor database.


v What is the most important component in any home?  

  Answer: The Homeowner / Occupant

The homeowner / occupant interacts with all systems and can cause them to run inefficiently or even fail.  On the other hand, the well-informed homeowner / occupant can prevent most issues from creating serious problems.  Home comfort inspections, also called energy tune-ups or audits, help customers better understand their home and the unique problems their home systems might create over time. 


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