What You Should Look For And Expect From Your

Home Inspection Company And Home Inspector


1)     Easy To Reach – Directly


2)     Available 7-Days a Week – For Inspections and Consultations


3)     Educational – Allows questions throughout Inspection and explains what he is doing throughout the inspection


4)     Provides Next Day Report - NOT on site

      5 REASONS why it is NOT to the Buyer’s advantage to get the report on site

1) Generic Report (Listing Agent and Seller will not take report seriously)

2) Lack of Attention to You (lost information / education)

3) Have to wait around an extra hour or more (wasting your valuable time) for a non generic report if they do give you proper attention during actual home inspection

                 4) Mistakes (costing you money at the negotiating table or after you move in)

                 5) Extra Cost (some companies charge for onsite reports)


5)  Provides a comprehensive report that is easy to read /understand and is computer generated.

          Never accept a hand written report that is filled out on site

         WHY -  Difficult to read


           No extras –

1) Important General Notes and Conditions

2) Added Improvements / Recommendations / Maintenance


     6)  Treats the house you are buying, selling, or own like it's for himself


7)  Able to provide Other Inspections

a.      WDO (Termites, etc)

b.      Radon

c.      Septic

d.      Well / water

e.      Lead Paint Content - Sampling and/or Inspection

f.        Asbestos Content – Sampling and/or Inspection

g.      Mold Content – Sampling and/or Inspection


8)  BONUS - Able to provide Specialty Inspections

      Home inspector has extra qualification / certifications / training)

h.      Energy Tune Up Inspections

i.        Ultrasonic Oil Tank Testing / Inspection


9)  Follow Up Support

     Free phone consultation for as long as you live in your home



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