Home Security Checklist

Change the exterior lock cylinders of the house you are moving into; you
cannot be sure who had access to the keys in the past.

Contact your local police department and request a home security check.
Inquire whether they provide etching equipment for marking of valuables.

Add dead bolt locks to doors leading to exterior of home. If your home has a
glass sliding door provide it with proper locking device – cross bar, dead
bolt, etc. Locks for ground level windows should be considered as well.

Improve lighting around the house. Properly positioned lighting will minimize
shadows and discourage prowlers. Use outdoor equipment.

Install a front door peep hole and chain guard so that you can be sure of the
caller before you open the door. More expensive outdoor and indoor intercoms
and monitors provide maximum protection.

Lock garage doors. Unlocked garage doors are and open invitation to theft and
may provide easy access to your home.

Check your basement security. Unlocked windows and basement doors can provide
a perfect entry for the uninvited. Provide locks for windows and basement
doors from the outside and leading into the house.

Never Leave keys to the front and rear doors in those “CLEVER” hiding places.
Burglars are well aware of these safe key locations.

Keep your valuable papers, securities, jewelry, etc. in a safe deposit box at
your local bank.

A bedside telephone offers peace of mind and a speedy course of action in case
of trouble during the night.

Very sophisticated electronic alarm systems are available to signal the
arrival of unwanted guests either onsite or to remote monitoring centers.
Crossing the fields of surveillance trips an alarm.

When on vacation arrange for discontinuation of mail service, newspapers, and
any other regular delivery service. Inform your neighbors of your plans and
arrange for normal maintenance service (grass cutting, snow removal, etc.)
Staggered light controls in your home will give the illusion that someone is

A barking dog can be the right deterrent to a burglar. Be sure your dog learns
to bark at strangers.

Call the police if you notice continued loitering of strangers or presence of
unfamiliar automobiles in your neighborhood.

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