Pre-Settlement Checklist

During final walk through, prior to settlement, you have the opportunity to view
the house in its entirety without obstructions. Items once hidden by personal
belonging, furniture, etc. are now fully exposed. As well, from the time of the
original inspection to now, systems could have failed, new damage could have
occurred (i.e.: broken windows, failed appliances, water leaks, damage to dry
wall while moving furniture, etc.) Operate equipment and appliances considered
to be part of the purchase and agreed upon to be properly operating at the time
of settlement. Make sure to especially check those areas that where originally
hidden from view. (Bring a Flashlight)


Check exterior and roof. This is especially important if there has been snow,
heavy rain, and/or high winds. If home has sprinklers, hot tub, whirlpool jets
in an outside pool, these should be run, weather permitting.

Check interior thoroughly. Open and close all windows and doors, checking
locks, looking for new damage to hardware and glass. Look for any damage that
may have been caused during the move by previous occupants. Look for any
signs of water stains on all ceiling and walls.

Run all equipment and appliances through their full cycle. (kitchen
appliances, sump pumps, garage door openers, etc.)

Check all light switches and fixtures. Bring several different kinds of back
up bulbs (25,40,60,75 and 100 watt bulbs, 50-100-150 watt 3 way bulb).

Turn on all faucets, flush all toilets, run whirlpool tubs (make sure water
level is above jets) and check for leaks.

Open all cabinet doors and check all countertops throughout house (kitchen,
pantry, laundry, bathrooms, built ins, etc), make sure none are damaged.

Check all low voltage systems not covered within the scope of the inspection.
(intercoms, alarms, etc.)

Check attic, basement and crawl spaces if accessible. Look for any signs of
water penetration or leaks from plumbing system.

Turn on heating and air conditioning system. This includes all window and wall
mount units. (Note: outside temperature must be above 65F for at least 24
hours in order to run A/C system without fear of damaging it). I recommend
asking for a one-time turn on once outside temperatures permit to make sure
the system operates properly.

Request the sellers demonstrate/explain the operation of the following: sump
and well pumps, gas fireplaces, whirlpool / hot tub / spa / sauna / pool
machinery, etc. Concerned about how to operate something after moving in,
contact manufacturer or company who installed product for further help.

For all equipment and appliances that are included in the sale agreement,
obtain all operating manuals and maintenance records, receipts for all work
done within last year, warranties and there contact information, and any
remote controls. Also, same information needs to be obtained for any major,
general, or miscellaneous work done on the house during their stay. Most
operating manuals can now be found on line if you look up manufacturer’s web

Verify that the seller(s) have completed all promised repairs. Request
receipts for work completed and make sure that all information is available
and legible about those who completed the repairs. Verify type of warranty
that comes with each individual repair.

Following settlement, have a professional locksmith re-key or change ALL
exterior door locks. CHANGE alarm and garage door opener codes and don’t
forget about the remotes. Their manuals should provide assistance, if not,
call manufacturer or look up their web site on line.

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