Thanks much for the quick report! I don't have any questions right now because you did such an amazing job of explaining everything in person! I am a very visual person, so seeing things for myself was VERY helpful. I really appreciate your thoroughness and your patience. Thank you!

Julie Palmer


I just wanted to take a moment to express my immense gratitude for all the assistance that you have provided me throughout my home buying process. You did and completely thorough inspection and explained everything to me step-by-step as we proceeded through the home. I was so impressed by your diligence and patience that I immediately referred you to coworker within 24hrs. Just like you said at your presentation and Mt. Airy USA you were available before and after the inspection. Being a nervous first time home buyer I think we talked on the phone three times prior to you even completing the inspection and I can't even count the number of time we spoke afterwards. Each time you were available and ready to respond to any and all of my concerns and most of all I never felt as if I was bugging you. I honestly can not fully express in words what a great resource and support you have been to me through out this process. I will continue to refer you to as many people who will listen as they will be lucky to have you in their concern. You treated me and my family with great respect and I am forever grateful. Thank you so much Phil!!  Kya Thompson


It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I wanted to thank you again for your in depth inspection of the house on Beechwood. We are hoping it will help us get the house a little cheaper then asking price so we can make those much needed repairs. I will be sure to pass your info onto anyone I know looking to buy a house. Thanks again. Jim, Jess, and Yessa Culp


I met Phil at Chaka Fattah housing meetings a few years back and kept his card. I appreciated how he explain every room in details or what needed to be repair. He explain the information that was explainable. I glad that I kept the card and he was my home inspector. I will recommend him to my family and friends when they need work done on their house.  Thank you, Tracey


To whom it may concern, my name is William Novick and have recently purchased a home through the NSP program. While in my search for a home I used the program and everyone

that was associated with it. The first house I had attempted to purchase the inspector waited until the very end to tell me he didn't have a long enough ladder to reach the roof. I was not happy.


The second home which is now mine, was inspected by Mr. Phil Rubenstein of Total Home Inspections, who went through the house and really looked at everything he possibly could; and by the way, had a 32 foot ladder. Not only was Phil able to reach and inspect the roof properly, the way he covered and explained the entire house was different and comprehensive from the poor inspection I received from a previous inspector. I felt extremely comfortable that Phil knew what he was doing and explained everything to me, in easy to understand terms, along the entire process. I was able to purchase my new home with total confidence, thanks to Phil. I am writing this letter of recommendation for his professional service and attitude.  William Novick


Just wanted to thank you for a very professional inspection process.   I appreciate your candid feedback and feel very comfortable with this home after walking through it with you and your "play by play".  Thanks again, take care.  Mike Benedict


We received the cover letter and report.  Thank you very much for inspecting the home so quickly and sending us this report so quickly on a holiday.  We greatly appreciate your services.  Enjoy your evening with your family!  Keri Ames


Phil did an awesome job on his presentation during the NSP counseling on 8/25/11, the reason why I enjoyed it and remember key notes was because he was very thorough and never hesitated to answer any questions that someone came up with. Especially for me and my husband because we are first time home buyers and the funny thing about that night was because that same day our real estate agent made an appointment for us to get an inspection the following day with him. Needless to say that Hurricane Irene was on its way but we had an early appointment that Saturday and everything went well. I had nothing to worry about because I was confident on his inspection and every aspect that he encountered with the house. Don't get me wrong the house was completely renovated with everything new but I felt at ease after being told that there was nothing wrong with the house. I would definitely recommend Phil to family and friends. He was very pleasant and informative and that's awesome.  Sothear & Phearun Douch


We were very satisfied with the way you conducted the inspections.  You pointed things out and explained to us as we went along what you were checking for, why something wasn’t done correctly, how to fix it, etc.  It was done in a way that made us feel involved, not just spectators and we never felt like we were being talked down to or that this was just another job.  We felt like you cared about what you were doing.  The report itself was easy to read and the included pictures helped us as a point of reference to various items in the report.  I think one of the reasons the report was easy to read was that you did such a good job explaining things as we went through the inspection.  So as we were reading the report we were able to think back to the inspection and say “Oh yeah, this is what we were talking about outside”, etc.  It all tied together very well.  Finally, the report was delivered in a very timely manner and we were able to review with our realtor and keep things moving towards our settlement date.  We would definitely refer your company to anyone needing a home inspection.  Thanks again!  Thanks again for the great job on the survey!   Tim


We had Phil inspect two properties for us. He was professional and extremely knowledgeable. The problems that he found in the first property helped walk away from a bad deal. We were so extremely thankful that he was extremely thorough and saved us tons of money, that we asked him to do another inspection for us; this time with better results. Both times, he was there before we were and explained the process in such great detail. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and honest are the qualities that make Phil such a great inspector.

Thank you so much for your hard work.

Ani and Izabelle Gomes


Thank you so much for coming out to inspect Ron's and my future home on 8/12/09.  The experience with you, my realtor, and family was a joy.  You included all of us in your explanations and allowed us equal opportunity to ask questions.  Thank you for your professionalism.  I truly look forward to working with you in the future. 
Kindra Stancil



Thank you for taking the time to complete my home inspection. I expected the experience to be overwhelming, and you were able to calm all of my fears. The process was smooth and the report extremely thorough. I appreciated how you explained everything you were doing, what you were looking for, and even allowed me to participate so that I really understood. I feel more confident purchasing my home. Thank you again for all of your work!


Elizabeth Ladd


Good Morning. On Saturday,  we met with Mr. Phil Rubenstein for home inspection at 6328 Milton Street. The initial greeting was warm and pleasant. Mr. Rubinstein explained everything to us, step by step. He described all that he would do during the inspection. Mr. Rubinstein was extra thorough throughout the inspection. He made us feel comfortable; we didn't feel rushed and he answered all of our questions. Several recommendations were made, being noted and very much appreciated. His service demonstrated his dedication to his business. We will definitely recommend him to family and friends. We would also like to wish him continuous success. Please extend a hearty Thank You' to him.
From the Dawson clan.


I'd like to personally thank Phil for the great job he did inspecting our new home this fall.  Since we were purchasing from a relocation company, a home inspection from a reputable inspector was conducted prior to Phil's arrival.  Phil found a number of items/issues not caught in the previous inspection.  His thoroughness was incredible and he took extra time and care to explain his findings/recommendations in a way both my fiancé and I could easily understand.  We were very pleased with his work and will recommend his services to family and friends.
Ben Troisi    


I just wanted to send some words of kindness to thank you for your services. You helped me to feel very comfortable during the home inspection you did for me. I was very nervous since this was my first time experiencing this.

You took the time to explain the process to me. I appreciated that. Your professionalism showed from the moment we met. You helped me to stay focused on what I have planned to achieve and I thank you. I highly recommend you to everyone who is searching to purchase properties. Especially new homebuyers.

Monica R. Johnson


Phil was my home inspector when I purchased my home in the summer of 2008.  He was punctual and had already set to work before my husband and I had even gotten there!  Phil was very thorough, and did not leave one stone un-turned.   I felt that he was really on our side and that he was protecting us like family.  My father came along with us to the inspection (he referred Phil to us) and I could just feel the sense of comfort and reliance that my Dad placed in Phil.  It was amazing.

What I really loved was the convenience that Phil offers.  He set up our radon and pest control testing for us and all 3 inspectors were there on the same day.  With all the chaos and phone calls involved with purchasing a new house, this was such a relief!!!

Phil is a straight shooter and there are no holes barred when it come to asking/answering questions.  After consulting with Phil, we felt comfortable enough to know that our new house was clean, safe, and free of flaws that would keep us from buying it.

Phil was very easy to get a hold of; he always returned calls the same day and answered all our questions in that one phone call.  You can just tell that Phil knows this business inside and out; and you can be rest assured that if Phil gives your new home the "thumbs up", you will enjoy many happy years there.

I would definitely use Total Home Inspection Services again!  thanks Phil !!!!


Mike & Nicole Tedesco


Hi Phil, when I hired you I was somewhat egotistical as to my knowledge and thought that you were a complete waste of cash.  However, not only did I learn from your findings and explanations, I saved lots of cash. Your findings in company with a very responsible seller had many things repaired that I would not have even noticed. The mal functioning whirlpool tub, the attic exhaust fans, and the 200 AMP box and 100 AMP service were all made functional.  

Thanks, Bob Bradley    


I found your report to be timely, thorough and extremely helpful in negotiating repairs with the seller.  You were easy to reach and exceptionally responsive to our requests.  I would recommend you highly to others.  Thank you for your help!

Peter Kraybill, Esq.

Gibbel, Kraybill & Hess



I just wanted to thank you for your help with inspecting the home we just purchased.  My wife and I both thought you were very thorough and helpful in making our purchase go smoothly and without any unforeseen problems that could have arose with the house.  i would definitely recommend your service and expertise to any and all friends in the future.

Art Armani


I just wanted to extend many thanks on behalf of Merissa and myself for providing a great home inspection.  We are settled in finally and are enjoying our new home.  We were thankful for the detailed explanation and instruction you gave as you picked up potential problems during the inspection.  Once again many thanks and we look forward to working with you again when we decide to move on from here.

Chris Zeek


You were very thorough and efficient. You even allowed me to participate, which I truly appreciated.  I have learned a few good tips on house safety, thanks to you.  You have made this experience very comfortable because of your friendliness.  I will definitely refer you to someone I know, who might need an expert in home inspection.  Again, thank you for everything.  Take care:)

Tam Ngo


Thanks Mr. Phil Rubenstein, just wanted you to know that we appreciate you report on the Home Inspection for the property located at 3 Church St, Willow Grove.  I found your report to be very thorough and easy to follow.  I love the way you categorized each unit of the house and we could follow the issues directed for the roof, plumbing, electrical and structural components of the house.  Your comments were extremely valuable and we will use your report as a guide when we contract to have the various repairs done. I was skeptical at first and thought that our Son’s Godfather could take care of the inspection since he is a retired contractor and inspected houses for the City of Philadelphia, but I can see the value in having the inspection done by an outside professional.
I will definitely recommend you for any future jobs that pass by me. 
Thank you and we are indebted to you, Esther Ashe


Thank you so much for the thorough inspection that you completed on our first home.  As first time home buyers, we were very nervous about the process and had some natural anxiety about what would be found.  Not only did you ease our nerves, but you provided intelligent, detailed descriptions and explanations for everything you found.  You talked us through the whole process, soup to nuts, not missing anything.  You answered all of our questions and explained things in terms so that even we could understand.  Also, we really appreciate you arriving a bit earlier to get started so that we could make our relatives wedding on time.  It is the little things that you did that separate you from many other contractors that we have had to deal with.  Finally, we really appreciate you coordinating the termite inspection so we could essentially get all of our inspections completed simultaneously.  Thanks again!
Jenny Schu & Scott Slousky


I wanted to write and thank you for a job well done last week.  I feel confident that our first home was inspected by a true and thorough professional.  It was a great learning experience to have you there to explain the various aspects of the home: trouble spots, repair and maintenance advice.  I got the sense that you were truly interested in the home and our future with it.  You seemed to really take your time during the inspection as well. By the way, John and I found your written report to be thorough and extremely well organized!  We'll keep it on hand and refer to it often as we plan to move in and upgrade our home. I will recommend you to anyone who is in need of a home inspection.
Sincerely,  Annie Hosfeld


My experience with Total Home Inspections was an overall good one. Phil Rubenstein explained the inspection process beforehand and acted very professional. He let me know that I could ask questions at any time and call him after the inspection if anything came up.

I would recommend Total Home Inspections to any homebuyers in the area.

Dave Moxon


I just wanted to write you a thank you for the home inspection you provided for me. You were so efficient and professional with the way you walked me through the home and how you explained the possible problems.  Thanks to your expertise, I can now look at my new home in a different way. I now have the knowledge needed to know the difference when there is a major or minor problem. Even my best friend who was there with me loved the way you “combed through that house with a fine tooth comb” as she said.  Although I have never spent 2 hours looking at a house or anything for that matter, those 2 hours where the most important and knowledgeable hours of my life.  Thank you for all your hard work. I know will be the owner of a new home that I can honestly say “I know every part of my house and what is where” when the time comes for me to have to repair, shut off or show somebody what to do.

Thank you,  Sheree Gindraw



We very much appreciated Phil Rubenstein's in-depth knowledge of the inspection business and his sincere ethical standards when he recently inspected a condominium we were about to purchase.  Phil arrived early for our appointment, and walked us through the condo step by step from the outside-in, and from top down.  He pointed out things, which needed a specialized inspection, things we might want to take care of, things to think about before we sealed our purchase deal.  He answered all our questions objectively and with the ring of his longtime experience.  We felt we had a much greater appreciation of the investment we were making in our new home.  Now we are ready to close the deal!
Kitty Kaar


Hi Phil, I read your inspection report over several times, I am so impressed with the thoroughness with which you went over my properties. At first I was a little skeptical of hiring you because I knew nothing of you. I heard so many outrageous tales of inspectors that are really working in behalf of the seller while you are paying them was why I was somewhat worried, but after a few minutes into the job I KNEW who you were working for, it was me. You left no infraction unmentioned. Some things that I viewed as minute you included them in your report. I just want to say thank you for a job that is far more than well done. After you completed your work, my report was available to me in record time. I did not have to ask you for anything. I will gladly recommend you any day to anyone. You are excellent at what you do. Thank you sincerely
Ophelia M Turner


Despite the fact that our deal fell threw Kevin and I both feel that we learned a lot and are definitely going to be better prepared for our future ventures in this area. However with that said we both could not have been happier with the job you did with our inspection. We heard our share of horror stories with a process that is already known to be quite daunting, and you put all our fears to rest. You were very thorough and informative, which was exactly what we needed. When the time comes for us to get back out there you can be assured that if you're still willing you will be the first person we call. Thank you for making our first experience so positive and fun! 
Warmest Thanks,
Alicia Motzer

It was a sigh of relief, on the day of my home inspection. After months of anxiety, looking for the ideal property, placing a bid, and completing thesis-length mortgage documents, I scheduled a home inspection with Total Home Inspections.  I meet Phil (Total Home Inspections) at the property.  Being a single mom I feel the need to be particularly cautious as well as apprehensive. Needless to say, I was extremely tense during our initial meeting and expecting him to be the same. His character was very welcoming and witty. He explained every aspect before we entered the home and explained in further detail during the inspection. He even answered some of the “Mom” questions I had in regard to safety of my child. My anxiety ultimately became comfort.

After all of the alarming opinions offered by co-workers and friends in regard to their experience with home inspection, I found that my experience was rather enjoyable and enlightening. I believe my experience was in direct reflection of Phil’s professionalism, knowledge and character. 

LaVawn “The Single Mom”


Customer service is very important to me as a consumer.  As a first time home buyer I was apprehensive about who would have my best interest in mind. When I called Phil Rubenstein with Total Home Inspections, LLC to inspect a home that I had an interest in he was pleasant, professional, and flexible with my schedule.  He was early to the inspection and upon meeting him, he made me feel very comfortable about him being involved in one of the most important decisions of my life.  I was very glad that I was present during the inspection because I learned a lot about the home.  He allowed me to be involved and ask questions.  Phil Rubenstein was informative and patient with answering and listening to my concerns during the inspection.  He made observations about things that I would not think to look at.  The inspection report was very impressive, which was detail-oriented and outlined everything that we discussed.


When the time came for me to have an inspection on another property that I had an interest in, I did not hesitate to call Phil Rubenstein to inspect the second home based on his level of service and the rapport that he was able to build with me during our first meeting.  He was consistent with his work and professionalism.  Phil Rubenstein built a level of trust and rapport with me as a home buyer that would result in me recommending him and requesting his services again when the time comes.  Buying a home is a stressful yet rewarding experience.  It is infrequent to come across a professional who has your best interest in mind, who is honest with you, and who is willing to educate you on anything necessary.  I am tremendously appreciative for Phil Rubenstein with Total Home Inspections, LLC to be one of the people involved in my home buying experience because he had done just that.

Kareena Irwin (Philadelphia, PA)



I want to thank you for doing my home inspection. Your professionalism and organizational skills was the best I've ever seen. You taught me so much as I followed and watched you work. You were very thorough in your technique, how you went from top to bottom checking everything making notations, pointing out things that only someone with an expert eye could have seen.  I will use your services again for any other properties that I may acquire in the future and shall highly recommend you to any one whom is looking to purchase and or sell property. Once again, Thank you for a job well done.

Ms. Julieta Holloway



Mr. Phil Rubenstein inspected a property that I was buying. He did a complete inspection of the property, covering all major aspects of the property. The inspection appeared to me to be very thorough and comprehensive. He took pains to explain in detail what he was looking at. In my particular case, since I am blind, he took additional time to make his explanations descriptive for me to better be able to understand what he was doing. After the inspection he sent us a complete list of his findings and his recommendations. I am very impressed by his professionalism, and the human touch he added by taking his time to explain everything.

Thanks to his work, we were able to have corrected several issues, which will make our house more safe and livable.

I can strongly recommend Mr. Rubenstein.

Martin Nelson




I wanted to thank you for your Professionalism while conducting our home inspection. Your energy, clear, concise answers and explanations put me at ease. I feel I made a great decision in choosing you for this job. I now have a lot more facts and confidence to make an educated decision on the purchase of this property. In a world where it seems people take no pride or responsibility in the work they do, you truly stand out as an exception. Again, thank you. 

Kurt Peterson & Family                             


I would be glad to any answer any ones questions about you and your business.  I really appreciate all the seasonal checklists you send out.  I actually go through and check out the list.  That was something that I was not expecting and very much appreciate.  They have been very helpful to me.  Thanks again,

Jason Davies



I’d like to thank you for your services at Total Home Inspections and for making my home purchasing process a lot less stressful experience than it could have been especially that the sale of the home was ‘by owner’.

I most importantly appreciate your honesty and professionalism as well as the extra time you spent explaining every detail of the home inspection process to me. Thank you for offering your expert advice on how to remedy any finding you found with the home. You truly went above any expectation that I could have imagined.

I would highly recommend you to anyone that is in the home purchasing market to hire your services if they want a true and honest professional.

Many thanks!!

Joe DeLucca  


Did I help make the process easier for you?  Most definitely!

Was my knowledge comprehensive?  Your level of knowledge was beyond my expectations.

Was my knowledge helpful?  Extremely!

Did I go above and beyond to help you?  My husband and I are now living in our fourth home; you made the purchase of the two homes for our daughters much easier than ever before. 

How was my availability after the home inspection? Response time? Etc. Top notch!  You were prompt, early in fact.  You are polite, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and the most important attribute, you follow up with your clients – you don’t just take the check and run.  

Nancy S. Tryens


I was thrilled with my experience with Phil Rubenstein and Total Home Inspections.  This is my first home and I wasn't sure what to expect with the home inspection.  Phil not only did a fabulous and meticulous job with the inspection, he made me feel very comfortable and gladly answered my questions.  After the inspection, he provided a fast and accurate report, and made himself available if I had any additional questions or needed other information.  He honestly wanted what was best for my family in purchasing our first home.  I highly recommend Phil and Total Home Inspections.

Rich Sangillo




My sister and I would like to thank you for your help. Without you, we would not be able to tell what needs to be repaired or replaced in the house in the near future. We are very pleased with the report that you provided us. We were able to get a good seller's credit towards our closing costs. The services you provided to us were excellent and the comprehensive list you had mentioned as an FYI, allowed us to plan ahead for the remodeling of our house. We cannot wait to move in our new house in the fall, after which we have completed a great deal of remodeling to the house.

Once again thank you for your help.

We will definitely recommend you to our family, friends, and relatives.

Phanny and Sandy




I just wanted you to know that I was very pleased with your expertise today. You were very professional and informative. I felt comfortable and ease, that it wasn't just business as usual. You took your time and did a thorough inspection. You also made me aware of any present or future potential comings, which will play a huge factor in the purchasing of this home. As a future homeowner, I appreciate people like you. May God Bless You, because they do not make too many people like you. Its usually all about the money and no interest at all in the (future) homeowner at all.


Trust me when I tell you, I will spread your business. I will advise my fellow associates, family and friends to request your expertise. As a matter of fact, I already gave a brochure to one of my co-workers this afternoon. Thanks again!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Monje Paige

Future Homeowner



I am emailing to thank you for your great job!  I was very impressed with the home inspection you did for me.  My mom was so impressed that she plans on using your services in the future.  I am very happy Robin Frames referred me to you.  In addition, I am a little shaky about the things mentioned in the report and if the owner will definitely fix those items.  Therefore, I would like to know if I may hire you for my final walk through to confirm that the items they need to resolve (and we agree they will resolve before closing) are resolved.  Do you offer that service?  I am still waiting to hear back from them on what they agree on.  So, I'm not sure yet if I would need you again.  Please let me know your thoughts.
Tanya Williams




Thank you very much for the report; it was precise and thorough to the point. I think your expertise and professionalism were great and working with you was pleasure. I look forward to working with you in the future as I plan to make other investments, also I will probably have you come back and do the radon test as well re-inspect the work that is done to this property. Thanks again for all your help I look forward to working with you again. 

Jerome Collins



We received the report.  Thank you very much for your very thorough and informative home inspection this morning.
Andy Ross



Phil made it a lot easier for my sister and I with the home inspection. We were given lots of information about the house, what to do in the future, now etc. Without Phil, we would not be able to tell what needs to be repaired or replaced in the house in the near future.  


I thought that Phil was really knowledgeable. He knew exactly what to look for and what to be expected. We are very pleased with the report that he provided us.


Phil was definitely really helpful. We were able to get a good seller's credit towards our closing costs. The services Phil provided to us were excellent and the comprehensive list he had mentioned as an FYI, allowed us to plan ahead for the remodeling of our house. We cannot wait to move in our new house in the fall, after which we have completed a great deal of remodeling to the house.


The extra mile that Phil went to explain all that we need to know about the house helped us a lot with the closing process. As a first time buyer, Phil took his time to explain what we need to know about the house, which helped us a lot. He did not rush us out of the house but took his time to explain, review and discuss what he had just inspected.


Phil response time was great. He followed-up with us regarding the home inspection report in a timely manner, which helped me to asked questions that came to my mind after the home inspection. Overall, Phil was really helpful and I would definitely recommend him to my family, friends and relatives.

Philadelphia, PA 19116   





I knew after our phone conversation that you were the Home Inspector for us.

You met us at our new prospective home, on time and fully prepared to do your job.

After a brief but very thorough explanation of your inspection methods, we followed you

from the outside of the house through the inside of the house,  from the basement to the crawl space attic. During this process you asked us to make short notes on your FYI's.

We found your examinations of all the major systems and components in the house to be very professional, exacting and informative. After the inspection was completed, you sat with us and discussed all and any problems that you found.  Also, your written reports were accurate, timely and very well prepared.

Thanks for doing such a great job for us !

Christine & Mike Renzi



Thank you for the report. 
The inspection was thorough, informative and very helpful in determining what repairs were required.  Phil was responsive to our inquiries and concerns. His inspection report was comprehensive and easy to understand.  I would recommend his services to potential home buyers

Rose Miriello




Thank you Phil!                                                                         
We really appreciated your speed, candor, and expertise in handling our home inspection.  You made a sometimes-tedious task a pleasure, and we feel confident that we know exactly what we are getting into with our purchase.  If our friends or we ever need an inspector, we know whom to call now.
Michelle Emery




I was very happy with the performance of Total Home Inspections.  The inspection was very thorough, and a complete and detailed report was e-mailed to me.  In addition, I received a follow-up call from Mr. Rubenstein a few weeks after the job asking how things were going.  Mr. Rubenstein gave me information well above and beyond the necessary minimum.  I would recommend Total Home Inspections without qualification. 

Denise Primavera, D.C.



Good Evening Mr. Phil,                                                                       

How are you and the family? Everything is going well here. I received my down payment back and now I have started the home hunting adventure again. I have spread the word about you business to all of my friends and family that are in the house hunting adventure with me. Tomorrow I will speak with the mortgage representative I am doing business with at PNC Mortgage to see how we can go about getting you to speak at their homebuyer’s seminars. Just remember when I am ready to put an offer in for a property and if it is accepted, I will call you for the inspection.


Juanita R. Williams




We will recommend you and told our real estate agent we were very happy. 

As for a testimonial:

Phil was very thorough, professional and friendly.  We were very confident that we knew the realistic condition of the house based on his thorough assessment.

Thanks again

Grant Beringer




Although I didn't purchase the home you inspected for me, I still must say that you did a very thorough job.  You went over everything with a fine toothcomb and explained everything in terms that I could understand. This was my first time buying a home and I didn't know what to expect when it comes to home inspections, but you answered all my questions, patiently.  You do quality work and I will highly recommend you to my friends.

Eleanor Moore



Linda and I would like to thank you for your quick response and coming out to inspect our new home in such a short time frame.
Take care, and we will be sure to pass on your name to family and friends looking for a Home Inspector.
Ed Turner                                                                                             



Thanks for all the help again Phil.  One of things I’m very thankful for during the whole process has been the helpful and great people I have worked with in buying my first home.  I could have asked for nothing more, its probably going to spoil me for the next time I have to buy a home.  For the great job you did and the time you took out to help me understand things I thank you a lot and especially for coming out on a Sunday morning. 

Thanks again Phil the place is coming along great.
Kennan Mebane



Phil did a thorough and comprehensive review of our home.  It was detailed, plus he took the time to give us some insights and home improvement tips. No complaints.
Thomas Hill (School Counselor)


It was a pleasure working with you, Phil.  You were not only knowledgeable and thorough in your inspection you were friendly and made sure that we the home buyers, Linda and Sidney Roby, understood everything you were telling us.  We appreciated all you information and advice.  I have heard people talk about their home inspections and how long they took and I let them know that you took a lot longer than just 30 minute run through the house.  You checked everything.  We would definitely recommend you to others.  I also like the email blasts you send with home tips.

Linda and Sidney Roby